New York Values

Donald Trump’s victory in the New York Primary sent a strong message to Senator Ted Cruz:  New York values matter.

The landslide victory has made it impossible for Senator Ted Cruz to get the nomination on the first ballot at what is likely to be a strongly contested GOP convention in Cleveland.



Super Tuesday 2.0, as political pundits have coined March 15, will determine if the Trumpnami will drown The Establishment.

Five primaries, including the winner-take-all states of Ohio and Florida, may accelerate Donald Trump and leave his opponents gasping for air.  If Trump carries Ohio and Florida, as he is expected to do, the odds of him securing the Republican nomination are very high. He will be breathing the air of inevitability.

The Trump Nightmare

It is no secret that The Establishment in the Republican Party prefers someone else besides Donald Trump.  After Jeb Bush announced that he was suspending his campaign, many in The Establishment switched their support to Marco Rubio.

But that may not matter at all.

According to The Washington Post, Donald Trump is “cruzing” his way to the Republican nomination.   What will happen at the Republican Convention in July is anybody’s guess.

TrusTED, DefeaTED, BusTED

The “Ted” political brand is in trouble.

After Senator Ted Cruz fired his national communications director yesterday, his campaign is in a tail spin.  Supporters are questioning his strategy to win.   Once viewed as a savior to the Christian Right, Senator Cruz is now having to deflect criticism that he is “underhanded” and engages in “dirty tricks”.

A recent ad titled “Serious” by the Conservative Solutions Pac, a Super PAC that supports Marco Rubio, was very blunt about how it feels about Donald Trump and Senator Cruz.

Cruz Campaign Caught In A Lie

Accuracy matters.

Earlier today, Rick Tyler, the spokesperson for Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign, apologized to Senator Marco Rubio for posting a video that misrepresented what Senator Rubio actually said.   In other words, the video was a lie.

The Cruz Campaign has been hounded for lying, being dishonest, and using dirty tricks.  Today’s revelation only solidifies the perception that the Cruz Campaign lacks a moral compass.


If the South Carolina Republican Primary is a good indicator,  Donald Trump is on the right path to secure the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  The race to the White House has turned out to be a Trumpathon and Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are out of shape to catch up with the leader.

March 1, Super Tuesday, is crucial.  If Donald Trump does well in the Southern states, including in the land that worships God, barbecue, and football – Texas – his nomination is almost assured.  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be limping to the National Republican Convention in July asking for prayers.

Stay tuned.